Informal education: Learning Mandarin to improve tourism in India

China is the largest market for foreign visitors, with more than 100 million people visiting the world annually. According to a report released by the online Chinese travel agency C trip, the number of Chinese trips to India increased significantly during the first three quarters of 2019, making India a popular destination for Chinese tourists. […]

China Myanmar Friendship: Implications on India

Myanmar is one of India’s most important neighbors, four of our sensitive Northeastern states share a border with Myanmar, and it is India’s land gateway to Southeast Asia. Myanmar is a country enriched with abundant natural resources with an economy complementary to India. India and Myanmar share a long land border of over 1600kms and […]

Belt and Road initiative in Pakistan- CPEC Facing obstacles

Out of all China’s neighboring countries, China-Pakistan relations are the closest and friendliest. The diplomatic ties between the two countries were established in 1951. Pakistan was one of the first Islamic countries and the second South Asian country to establish diplomatic relations with China, and they have remained strong allies ever since. The closeness of […]

Whats my blog about

Hi people , as you could see my last 3 blogs were about my experiences and i initially thought to write about them on this platform. But since I am a Chinese studies student and also pen, the China’s ambitious plan ‘the Belt and Road initiative’ , i realised that i should give my readers […]

My favorite antioxidant

One day I was going through my vegetable section in my fridge. I found a long green leaf that resembled as green onion’s leaf. I was shocked as we at home don’t eat onions, it’s not allowed. I immediately went to my mother in law and asked, “what’s this? Did you start getting onions?” So […]

My lockdown experience- A blessing in disguise

There is always something positive about everything we think is not worth or we feel bad about. The live example of what i am saying is alligned with lockdown. Being a student , studying from home and being commited to your daily planner is very challenging because when you are at home , all the […]