The U.S way to encounter assertive China

It is worth recalling what former President Trump promised the citizens of the United States. Trump’s foreign policy came from a sense of grievance. He believed the rest of the world was taking advantage of the United States. That was the reason for considering America first. With these thoughts, he thought he would stop China from stealing American jobs and take the United States out of bad deals such as the Paris climate accord and Iran’s nuclear agreement. Considering himself as a master negotiator, he promised to reach ideal new trade deals. This would restore the U.S. manufacturing and guide in a new era of prosperity.

To sum up, former President Trump offered a compelling vision that promised uninterrupted success with little or no additional effort. Restoring the U.S. dominance wouldn’t require personal sacrifice, national unity, or even a well-conceived strategy. It would only take a stable genius to lead the nation and make America great again.

Unfortunately, the list of modest successes given by former President Trump also has a long list of significant failures.

President Donald Trump has lowered, ruined, and in some cases, abandoned U.S. allies and partners. In contrast, President Biden promises to re-engage in the relationships to reaffirm the White House’s commitment to traditional human rights and democratic principles.

The interim government strategy document has released by U.S President Joe Biden, which America can re-engage with the world and strengthen itself at home. The form reads that the democracies around the world are under siege, including the United States. The document also references the strategic competition with an increasingly assertive China since China is the only competitor who can effectively challenge the current international system.

President Joe Biden is reaffirming its alliances with NATO, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. The interim government strategy document focuses on “Renewing America’s advantages such as acting national security strategic guidance. The plan will enable the United States to deepen its partnership with India and work alongside New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, and other ASEAN members to advance its objectives. 

Under the current leadership of the U.S, it is said that the U.S will also move to earn back its position of leadership in multilateral organizations to tackle shared challenges like climate change, as per the strategy.  

The most effective way for America to come out and compete with a more assertive and authoritarian China is to invest in their people, economy, and democracy. Additionally, supporting China’s neighbours and trading partners to defend their rights.

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