Whats my blog about

Hi people , as you could see my last 3 blogs were about my experiences and i initially thought to write about them on this platform. But since I am a Chinese studies student and also pen, the China’s ambitious plan ‘the Belt and Road initiative’ , i realised that i should give my readers an essence of what is the BRI and update them on the progress of the project. So today i finally made up my mind to convert this blog into a space where i can express and update the readers about China’s ambitious plan the Belt and Road initiativ(BRI).

Introduction to the BRI

As envisioned by Chinese President Xi Jinping, BRI includes a vast network of railways, energy pipelines, highways, setting up telecommunication networks between Asia and Europe, also addressed as “Digital Silk Road”.

The BRI was announced in 2013 at Astana and Jakarta with the purpose of reviving the old silk route which connected Asia to Europe. The Initiative is projected as a new model of international relations based on inclusive cooperation. BRI has five different dimensions:

1.Policy Coordination

2.Transport Infrastructure

3.Free Trade

4.Internationalization of RMB(Chinese Yuan)

5.People Exchange

Some people have confusion with what does a Belt and road means !! So the Belt is a network of roads and the Road is a maritime sea route. The routes of both Belt & Road are explained above.

The “Silk Road Economic Belt,” is primarily land-based route and connects China with Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe. The “21st Century Maritime Silk Road,” is a sea-based route and connects China’s southern coast to the Mediterranean, Africa, South-East Asia, and Central Asia.

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