Books are keeping me busy in this quarantine

A house full of books is a dream

Books are an imperative part of my life. In an era where people are 24*7 fixed at their phones screens and updating there status and stories, I am still engrossed in books. The kind of pleasure and enlightenment I get while reading books is beyond any other enjoyment.

I have seen the young generation, even children of as low as 5 years old are addicted to their mobile phones as its a non-detachable part of their life.

Books are good for our mental and physical health and these are the benefits which last for a longtime. The habit to get these benefits begins from our childhood and continues till years.

Reading books has many benefits that are irreplaceable for example it is a treat for our brain, it increases our ability to empathize, builds vocabulary, keeps us stressfree, and also helps us to have a good night’s sleep.

So before lockdown , when we used to have a normal lifestyle I used to visit libraries in Mumbai. I love sitting in a room full of books and read them. This gives me another level of happiness. Almost once in a fortnight on Sundays, I used to visit book stores in Mumbai.

But, since the lockdown started I had no choice but to sit at home. I was very frustrated since I had not visited any book store, library, etc. The books which I had at home were already read and I was like what to do!!! I don’t own a Kindle that was another regret I had.

One fine day my husband told me that there is an app where I can’t read many books and that too free. I was excited to know this and immediately downloaded the application.

So the application name is Juggernaut and if you are an airtel user you get free books to read. I have really cherished my quarantine by reading books online. This is an amazing habit which we all should develop.

This way I kept myself positive and productive during the lockdown. I would anytime prefer to read a book instead of fixing my eyes all day on social media.

I hope this blog encourages readers to read more books as they are a treat for our senses and lead us to a positive lifestyle.

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