My lockdown experience- A blessing in disguise

There is always something positive about everything we think is not worth or we feel bad about. The live example of what i am saying is alligned with lockdown. Being a student , studying from home and being commited to your daily planner is very challenging because when you are at home , all the time you feel lazy , hungry and anxious about whats new on netflix. I was the same. But planning your day ahead and working with deadlines could develop a good habbit and i had heard from someone that you need 21 days to develop a habit. So , i started working on being more productive and achieving my goals.

Here in this blog i will share my experience that how i changed my lockdown period in a productive, rich and fruitful episode of my life.

I am a Chinese studies student in my final year of graduation and very keen to know more and more about China’s history , its relations with the world and its diplomacy.

Before the lockdown started i had planned to do internship at a think tank and had applied to several of them. Since many of them were in different states of India , i thought to shift at the state from where i will be getting the offer after my exams. 

I got selected by a think tank somewhere in march and after somedays the lockdown started. This was heartbreaking for me, since i had plans in my mind and this internship was a bridge for me to achieve my future goals.

On 31st March 2020 i got a mail from the think tank saying that i can work as a virtual intern. This was one of the best day of my life and i was very excited for this. 

The next challenge was how to manage my timing. Since i am a language student , i have to be very consistent with my language practice. The other thing was when I’m working as a virtual research intern at a think tank there are certain set of rules which has to be followed while working from home. You have to be available from 10 am to 5 pm , have to send regular updates on your research to your mentor and be consistently working on your project.

I must share with you that this was quite challenging but i have learnt a lot of discipline through this style of working with studying. 

Till date i have 2 research papers published as a author and the next is in process. This was one of my goals, which i wasn’t able to figure out how to achieve. The lockdown has given us immense time to figure out things which we earlier were not able to. You just need to be consistent and positive with your learning and thought process.

Frankly speaking since i started studying i always thought that working part time or doing volunteer working with full time studies is not feasible and will effect your studies. But now after experiencing this change, my perception for working with studying has completely changed. 

For students who are planning a further study internationally ,it very imperative to have internship , volunteering , part time or full time work experience in the relevant field of your studies on your curriculam vitae in order to grab the scholarship. Since i come from a middle class family but aspire to study abroad at best universities , this was very important for me. Trust me people out there , it gives out another level of confidence when you indulge yourself into this kind of experience.

I feel somewhere the lockdown has turned a blessing in disguise for me. I have learned new skills, new ways of handling everyday issues, learned to always think like a proton, and started building the foundation for my future.

Lastly i would like say that its definitely not easy to change yourself but its all in the mind.If you have a will to achieve something you will for sure grab it. 

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