My favorite antioxidant

One day I was going through my vegetable section in my fridge. I found a long green leaf that resembled as green onion’s leaf. I was shocked as we at home don’t eat onions, it’s not allowed.

I immediately went to my mother in law and asked, “what’s this? Did you start getting onions?” So she replied no beta, that’s Lemongrass, it’s one of an antioxidant. I said ok and turned back to my fridge, keeping the green leaves back inside. 

I went straight to my laptop and started researching about Lemongrass since I was curious to know how does it work. I am basically from Delhi, and I have never seen Lemongrass with any vegetable seller. 

After research of around an hour, I concluded that let’s try it and experience the benefits. So I boiled one cup of water with one leaf of Lemongrass in it. It was excellent in terms of taste, and as I took several sips of it, I felt a calming and soothing effect in my throat.

Next time I decided to twist the drink with some other ingredients such as lemon, ginger, and honey. It turned out to be very good. So the cool thing about it is , the Lemongrass tea tastes good as hot and cold both.

So now, I have replaced my tea with a lemongrass drink, especially in the current times, where the infection of Covid-19 is spreading everywhere. We should take the utmost care of our immunity, and with kind of drink, I am sure that even you people will feel calm, stressfree, and energetic.

Let me will share some benefits of Lemongrass-

  1. It heals cold and flu 
  2. Boosts metabolism which helps in weight loss
  3. Promotes healthy digestion
  4. It’s also good for skin
  5. Also relieves menstrual pain

This was a discovery for me to find this fantastic antioxidant Lemongrass and making it a part of my life, a healthy life. It is a must-try…

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