Whats my blog about

Hi people , as you could see my last 3 blogs were about my experiences and i initially thought to write about them on this platform. But since I am a Chinese studies student and also pen, the China’s ambitious plan ‘the Belt and Road initiative’ , i realised that i should give my readers […]

My favorite antioxidant

One day I was going through my vegetable section in my fridge. I found a long green leaf that resembled as green onion’s leaf. I was shocked as we at home don’t eat onions, it’s not allowed. I immediately went to my mother in law and asked, “what’s this? Did you start getting onions?” So […]

My lockdown experience- A blessing in disguise

There is always something positive about everything we think is not worth or we feel bad about. The live example of what i am saying is alligned with lockdown. Being a student , studying from home and being commited to your daily planner is very challenging because when you are at home , all the […]